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Dunn Heat Exchangers update regarding Hurricane Harvey - Aug. 27th 2017

In spite of the catastrophic flooding and high winds that have effected all of the Texas Gulf Coast in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, both Dunn Heat Exchangers shops have remained unscathed. Large backup generators ensured that at no time was either shop without power and we are happy to report that both shops are now back on main power. As the floodwaters rose, both of our facilities were high and dry throughout the storm.

While we are not out of the woods yet, it seems that come Monday morning we will be ready to work. Unfortunately, that is not the case for all of our employees. To those that were affected, you are asked to please contact your direct supervisors for assistance. Dunn Heat Exchangers is a family company and we will stand by all of our employees in their time of need.

To our customers, Dunn stands ready to help with 21 cleaning bays and 17 trucks along with an army of welders, boilermakers, and machinist ready to speed the recovery along. The phone system has been somewhat sporadic but the network servers have not skipped a beat. For any type of service, please email , we are ready to help.