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Dunn Heat Exchangers owns and operates its own fleet of tractor-trailers for prompt pickup and delivery services. These "safe-transporter" trucks are specially designed, with completely enclosed flatbed trailers that include drip-pan containment that will accommodate equipment up to 35 feet in length. This ensures the safe transit of exchangers that contain product residue material.

Safe Transporter Trailers
This innovative transportation system is highly appreciated by our customers. It provides a fully contained trailer to isolate your equipment, both visually and from the environment during transit to and from our cleaning facilities.

These trailers assure that the equipment and any product residue are contained in the drip-pan while in transit. Upon return to our facilities, trained personnel will clean each trailer's drip-pan to regulatory standards. Residuals generated from the trailer cleaning process are treated in compliance with all current regulations at our onsite waste treatment facility.