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Founded in 1968, Dunn Heat Exchangers provides unmatched exchanger cleaning, repair and fabrication services.

5 Distinct Cleaning Methods

At Dunn, we can utilize five different cleaning methods to get your equipment back into service.

Full Turnaround Service

We have the facilities built to handle all your turnaround needs.

Unrivaled Off-site Cleaning Capacity

Dunn Heat Exchangers offers the largest off-site cleaning capacity in the United States.

Complete Repair Services

Our capable employees can handle any repair needs that are discovered during routine service.

Specialized Safe Transport Trucks

Our Fleet of Safe Transport Truck and Trailers take the worry out of transporting your equipment off-site.

Heat Exchanger Fabrication

We can engineer and fabricate any exchanger to fit your needs no matter the size.

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.’s facilities offer the largest off-site cleaning capacity in the United States, providing the fastest and safest turnaround of your process equipment.


Dunn Heat Exchangers operates the largest, most well-equipped off-site heat exchanger cleaning facilities in the United States...

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Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc.'s offers all the services needed for the fastest and safest turnaround of your equipment; during service our diverse capabilities all us to repair of shell and tube heat exchangers as they are discovered...
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Dunn is best known as an emergency repair shop, but we also engineer and fabricate shell and tube type heat exchangers of all sizes...

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