At Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc., safe operations and business is more than just a requirement, it is a priority in every aspect of our business and we have the history to prove it.

Creating a Safe Shop

Our proactive environmental health and safety activities including industrial hygiene monitoring, annual employee physicals, substance abuse testing, and utmost compliance with personal protection equipment policies. These practices have earned the company an enviable Worker's Compensation Modifier Rate that is among the lowest recordable instance rate in the industry. Annual worker physicals combined with a zero-tolerance substance abuse policy ensure that our employees are ready for the job.

“Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. responsibly handles all waste materials generated… ensuring safe measures and eliminating the risk and unnecessary expense of returning waste back to the customer.”

Dunn's Safe Processes

As the pioneer in off-site exchanger services, Dunn Heat has a proven track record of responsibly handling all waste materials generated in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations. This ensures safety and eliminates the risk and unnecessary expense of returning waste to the customer.

Wastewater Safety

The unique facility at Dunn Heat Exchangers allows for waste segregation of each exchanger, and Dunn takes pride in only cleaning exchangers with clean water, never recycling waste from one customer’s job onto another’s. We perform onsite primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of all process wastewater and then discharge the waste to publicly owned treatment facilities. All solids removed from our three-stage pre-treatment process are tested and sent to the appropriate location for treatment or remediation.

Committed to Safety

Dunn Heat Exchangers employs a full-time certified EH&S professional assisted by a Safety Committee, made up of our most experienced employees. Together this group holds weekly safety and hazard-awareness meetings overseeing operations 24/7. Dunn is a registered member and active participant in numerous EH&S and industry associations. Dunn Heat Exchangers has a robust EH&S department highlighted by our sterling record over the last 50 years. A degreed Environmental Engineer leads our comprehensive waste management systems.