About Us

Who We Are

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. is a family owned company with 50 years of experience. We offer a full array of heat exchanger cleaning, decontamination, repair, and fabrication services all under one roof. With numerous enclosed cleaning bays, a full-service machine shop, and over 220,000 square feet under one roof, Dunn Heat has the capacity and the experience to get your equipment quickly back in service. Our cleaning and repair services occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing for maximum productivity and the fastest turnaround time. This efficiency, access, and experience make Dunn Heat Exchangers a unique service provider to the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

What We Do

At Dunn Heat Exchangers, we offer the most efficient, safest, and environmentally compliant means to maintain hydrocarbon contaminated equipment. We utilize our specially designed, individually enclosed, automated cleaning bays for shell and tube side hydro cleaning, as well as the largest thermal decomposing chambers in America. Dunn also offers media blasting and a chemical pretreatment process for some of the toughest jobs. We handle waste recovery with our on-site water treatment systems, and our self-contained covered transport trailers deliver equipment safely nationwide. With the addition of our newest facility in Bay City, Texas, we offer the largest off-site cleaning capacity in the United States. Our on-site fabrication capabilities ensure access to minor repairs, full re-tubes or complete new fabrication. We realize that it is important that we remain in constant development of better and more efficient ways to hone our crafts, and we believe that our facilities are testaments to these efforts.

"Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. has the safest, most efficient, environmentally compliant off-site industrial cleaning facilities in the country."

Industry Leaders

Dunn pioneered the off-site exchanger cleaning industry in 1977 and since that day has led the heat exchanger maintenance industry in offering many innovations. Building on decades of experience, Dunn Heat Exchangers continues to lead the charge by offering 5 distinct cleaning technologies to ensure that no matter what the job is, Dunn can clean it.

Dynamic Customer Base

We work with companies both large and small, including many of the largest refining and petrochemical companies in the world. Our customers require us to routinely manage time-critical assignments that can involve one piece of equipment or hundreds of pieces of field equipment while often implicating integrated technologies. During plant turnaround season, our well-trained workforce operates 24/7 to help our clients decrease downtime and minimize costs.

Independently Owned

Dunn Heat Exchangers is an independently owned company with unmatched capacity for all business types. From handling large scale exchanger turnarounds for major refineries and petrochemical plants with hundreds of exchangers, to smaller scaled independent operators, our team of craftsman are here 24/7 to complete the project and reduce downtime from any facility in the country. Prioritizing customer service at every level of management, Dunn Heat routinely collaborates with field contractors inside plants of any size to get the job done.

Equipment We Service

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Tube Bundles
  • High Pressure Heat Exchangers
  • Reactors
  • Calandria Heat Exchangers
  • Spiral Heat Exchangers
  • Twisted Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Polymer Extruders
  • Hairpin Exchangers
  • Static Mixing Chambers
  • Bayonet Type Exchangers
  • Various Exchanger Components

Heat Exchanger Cleaning Methods

We tailor our various heat exchanger cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to the needs of our customer’s specific requests rendering the most efficient and thorough heat exchanger maintenance options in the industry.

    Our Methods:

  • 1. Hydroblasting:
  • Individually enclosed cleaning bays allow us to safely clean your equipment without the worry of the hazards commonly associated with onsite cleaning.
  • 2. Thermal Decomposition:
  • With two Thermal Decomposition chambers, one the largest in the United States, we are able to offer specialized service for highly fouled equipment.
  • 3. Vapor Phase:
  • Our proprietary Vapor Phase cleaning vats allow for cleaning of long chain hydrocarbons in a fraction of the time needed with traditional methods.
  • 4. Media Blasting:
  • Three media blasting bays can remove rust and scale taking the unit to white metal, either for returning to service or in preparation for specialty coatings.
  • 5. Chemical Cleaning and Passivation:
  • Our off-site chemical cleaning utilizes custom chemistry developed for your specific application. Our processes can be used to clean and/or passivate heat exchangers as well as wide variety of other process equipment.

  • To learn more about our cleaning services, click here.

Heat Exchanger Fabrication

We operate a fully capable exchanger fabrication shop, our facilities are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) U & R stamped and have been since we first opened our doors in 1968. We offer emergency repair work of all kinds, from minor fixes to complete re-tubes, as well as full scale new fabrication. To find out more about our fabrication services, click here.